The Thought and Engineering Behind Stowe Cargo Protection

Stowe Cargo Systems prides itself on engineering and manufacturing cargo management systems that are different from, and better performing than products from other truck tonneau and truck tool box manufacturers. Stowe invents and evolves products that seamlessly integrate with today’s trucks and bring form and function to a new level. Integration, Protection, Organization, Security and Function are among the aspects Stowe champions. Today, we’ll discuss Protection.

Aspect – Protection

To keep your cargo clean, dry and protected it needs to be stowed in a clean, dry, and protected space. As part of creating that space, it is important that your tonneau and/or tool box stop water, dirt, dust and condensation from getting past it and into the truck bed. The Stowe Cargo Systems 2 in 1 Tool Box Tonneau Combination cargo management system was specifically engineered and constructed to provide the best protection against this type of intrusion. Stowe differentiates itself by focusing on being the cargo management system that provides ultimate protection.

How does Stowe do it?

Both covers of the 2 in 1 Tool Box Tonneau Combination incorporate a custom, double bulb perimeter seal design. Keeping water, dirt and dust from passing through and into the truck bed. This seal design is the type trusted by auto manufacturers for door and trunk seal applications. For items that require extra protection, the Tool Box seals shut to create its own clean, dry, and weathertight compartment. Valuables such as tools, and sensitive electronics like laptop computers can be stored with peace-of-mind. Even with the Tonneau cover removed the Tool Box is enclosed and provides full protection.

Condensed moisture causes rust and other damage. Different than water spray intrusion, condensation occurs when water vapor enters and/or there are changes in the air temperature. The Tool Box’s first line of defense is the double bulb perimeter seal design that keeps water vapor out. Another condensation thwarting aspect is its composite polymer construction, which doesn’t collect condensation and “sweat” like a metal tool box can during rapid temperature changes. Plus, drain holes in the bottom of the Tool Box allow spilled liquids to drain while also providing controlled venting of the Tool Box to avoid condensation and musty odors. An added benefit of the composite polymer construction is it is friendlier to the contents – it won’t scratch or ding cargo like metal.

The Stowe Cargo Systems 2 in 1 Tool Box Tonneau Combination provides your cargo with the best protection. Stay tuned to the Stowe blog. We will be discussing other system features and benefits aspects of our cargo management system and how they differentiate Stowe from standard truck tonneau and truck tool box manufacturers. Stay tuned!

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