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Don’t Just Cover it. Stowe It.

Hard Tonneau Covers for Ford, GMC, Chevy, Ram and Toyota Trucks

Hard Tonneau Covers for Ford, GMC, Chevy, Ram and Toyota Trucks

Stowe Cargo offers the most indestructible, secure, weathertight, versatile and accessible hard tonneau cover in the market

If you are looking for a hard tonneau cover for you Ford, Chevy, GMC, Ram or Toyota truck than you have lots of options to choose from, it can be very confusing knowing what to look for. With marketing taking front and center at most hard tonneau cover manufacturers, its difficult to sort through the puffery and facts so you can make the best decision in terms of which hard tonneau cover is best for your Ford, Chevy, GMC, Ram or Toyota pickup. Let’s try and make heads or tails of the information you will most likely see.

Hard Tonneau Covers – The Stowe Cargo Approach to Engineering and Designing an Industry Leading Tonneau Cover

First off, you should look to find hints in the way tonneau cover manufacturers and retailers present and talk about their product. A tonneau cover is a substantial part of your truck once installed, and like your truck, it needs to be engineered, not simply “designed” At Stowe Cargo our hard tonneau cover, was at it’s inception, engineered to be the industries best hard tonneau cover, just like your truck from the OEM. Our core principle right out of the gate was to build a tonneau cover that operated and looked as if it came from the OEM right from the factory floor installed on your truck. OEM grade quality and styling, nothing less would be acceptable.

Once You Decide Your Hard Tonneau Cover is Not Going to be Consumer Grade but True Ford, GMC, Chevy, Ram and Toyota OEM Quality, the Hard Work Begins

 The decision to build the industries best tonneau cover and make it OEM quality was easy. Our engineers and executive management team have extensive OEM manufacturing experience, they came from within the automotive manufacturing industry, so they already knew what needed to be done. Let’s take a look!

When it Came to the Stowe 2 in 1 Hard Tonneau Cover With Integrated Toolbox we Engineered it so you Could Have the Industries Best Hard Tonneau Cover for Your Ford, Chevy, GMC, Ram, and Toyota Truck

  1. Factory Styling: Must look and feel as if it came off the factory floor from Ford, Chevy, GMC, Ram and Toyota. Our hard tonneau cover is low profile, so it looks as if it were part of the trucks styling, and it’s also perfect for 5th wheel hitches and gooseneck trailers!
  2. OEM Form, Fit and Function: Design and engineering must be commensurate with what the OEM’s would accept for quality and durability
  3. Industry Leading Component Technology: All of the components are engineered not just designed. From the cover material and layering process used to build our nearly indestructible tonneau covers, to our gas strut technology and industry leading 6 bar hinges, to the hinge and strut engineered “package” assembly, to our industry only industrial double bulb gasket sealing technology that in most cases exceeds OEM standards, and our automotive grade locks and locking system, our hard tonneau cover is engineered just like your truck, to stand the test of time and look great throughout its life. Built to Last the Life of Your Truck!
  4. Industry Leading Sealants and Surface Treatments: We utilize industrial sealants and surface treatments to protect the components, increase longevity, keep your cover looking like new for the life of your truck, and ensure the cover is not only watertight and resistant, but truly weathertight.

Let’s Take a Closer Look at the Components, Finishes, Sealants, and Surface Treatments Engineered into our Hard Tonneau Cover and Why They Differentiate Our Hard Tonneau Covers From the Rest of the Hard Tonneau Covers Available in the Market. 

  1. Our cover is nearly indestructible and made from a proprietary layering of shock absorbent, impact resistant, pliable, and waterproof materials.
  2. Our industrial gas struts are advanced and offers the ability to withstand greater weight loads that standard consumer grade pistons used in other covers. This use of struts vs. pistons allows us to move the hinges to the outside of the box and tight to the cover reducing the need to place them square in the middle (and in the way) of box access.
  3. Our industry leading 6 bar hinges are more advanced in design and strength than any of the other hard tonneau cover manufacturers. Not only do we use 6 bars in our hinge as opposed to 2, 3 or 4, we also use a much stronger, and thicker, grade of steel in our hinges, thus allowing us to move the hinge away from truck box access and out of the way on the hard tonneau cover frame itself.
  4. Not only do we use industrial gas struts instead of consumer grade pistons, and heavy duty industrial 6 bar hinges as opposed to thin 2 or 3 bar hinges, we engineered them into a package unit that includes both in the assembly, allowing for convenient placement out of the way.
  5. We utilize a double bulb advanced urethane gasket to seal our cover. These are the same type of bulb gaskets you see in the high-end automotive industry. There are no foam gaskets, no single roll gaskets, and no cheap foam being used in any of our sealing technologies. It’s why we are the only hard tonneau cover that can claim we are weathertight and not just water resistant or watertight. Additionally, we are the only hard tonneau cover, perhaps the only tonneau cover that utilizes OEM quality double bulb gasket technology. Not only do we seal the cover with a bulb gasket, we seal the gasket with a second bulb gasket ensuring we have no water or dust penetration into the box. In addition to the construction and technology used in our gaskets we also completely seal the cover all of the way around unlike other vendors. This includes our industry only integrated tool and storage box.
  6. Our hard tonneau cover technology is comprised of multiple layers of advanced high-performance materials. One of those is an inner layer that is manufactured of high impact, closed cell proprietary material that simply won’t allow our cover to take on moisture like other covers. When you use cheap foam cores that are open cell, the core is susceptible to taking on water and expanding, thus destroying the cover. You see this all of the time with complaints across the internet of covers that started to pull apart at the corners and seams and that is because the water penetrates a weak seal in the cover and enters those open cells and fills them with moisture, then they expand pushing the layers apart. Our closed cell technology mitigates the ability of moisture to penetrate, and swell.
  7. No hard tonneau cover would be complete without an OEM grade locking system. We at Stowe Cargo take security extremely seriously so we pulled out all of the stops when it came to keeping your stuff safe and sound, not just dry and clean. Our locks are automotive grade push button cylinder locks that allow for easy unlocking and access to the truck box and storage\toolbox. Under the cover our mechanism is a lot like what you would see on the inside of your door on your truck itself, a robust latching mechanism that truly locks your hard tonneau cover down. Other hard tonneau covers simply use a rotary lock with a plastic locking tab, or flimsy sliding rod that certainly meets the definition of “lock” but not the definition of secure. These types of mechanisms are more like the locks on a toolbox in the shop than one in your truck door. One is easy to penetrate one isn’t!
  8. Our automotive grade cylinder locks are also designed at an angle to ensure ice, sleet, snow or freezing rain won’t freeze you out.
  9. When it comes to the longevity of our double bulb gaskets, we took no prisoners. After all it’s a clean dry, secure box you are after. We started by using the best material in terms of viscoelasticity, the science of making something elastic with the ability to return to its original shape, thus creating a great seal, while having the ability to return to its previous manufactured state increasing it’s longevity of effective use.
  10. Our finish applications also use advanced technologies not found on other hard tonneau covers. Our automotive grade double bulb gaskets are treated with a final surface application of a proprietary material process that reduces “stickiness”. In terms of hard tonneau covers, gaskets that stick are problematic, they escalate the deterioration of the gasket and thus its sealing ability. You know that sound you hear when things stick and pull apart, even if so slightly, can be detrimental to the life of your tonneau covers sealing ability. The material process we use to coat our gaskets ensures minimal adherence between the gaskets and their mating surfaces.

The Stowe 2 in 1 Hard tonneau Cover is Certainly Engineered to Meet the Most Demanding Expectations, but That’s not all! We Have the Industries Only Integrated Storage and Toolbox Under One Seal

When you buy the Stowe 2 in 1 hard tonneau cover you are getting the most indestructible, secure, versatile, weathertight, and accessible hard tonneau cover the market has to offer.

First and foremost, we have the only hard tonneau cover with an integrated built-in storage or toolbox in the industry. Our hard tonneau cover was engineered to be the only cover in the market that has a completely sealed, and dry storage and truck box independent of each other. This is important because the typical scenario has any storage or toolbox as an afterthought that required, or requires, a mating to two disparate pieces of equipment. This un-engineered mating is riddled with issues ranging from leaking joints and seals, to rattles, rusting, bending, twisting and more all leading to poor tonneau cover performance as well as wet, dusty and dirty equipment and belongings. What you need, and Stowe is the only company to deliver on this, is a solution that was engineered from the ground up to have both the hard tonneau cover and a toolbox integrated as one package.

The Stowe 2 in 1 Hard Tonneau Cover Offers the Most Accessibility for Your Tuck Box

Our hard tonneau cover is extremely low-profile, and so is our toolbox and storage box. This means that reaching into the toolbox is easier with Stowe than with anyone else!

Additionally, the heavy-duty struts and hinges allow for the optimal placement of them out of the way and to the edges and back of the covers. With the Stowe 2 in 1 you don’t have huge pistons resting in the middle of your cover and truck bed interfering with your ability to get into the box.

The Stowe 2 in 1 Hard Tonneau Cover is the Most Indestructible Hard Tonneau Cover in the Market!

After weather tightness, one of the most important characteristics a hard tonneau cover needs to have is durability, after all isn’t that why you went looking for a hard cover in the first place, you thought it was stronger and more durable that the fold ups, soft covers, or roll ups. We could go on for days about what makes our cover the most durable and indestructible cover in the market, but we would rather show you! Watch the video below to see or infamous sledgehammer test. Please notice we have a very large sledgehammer, a large guy from the manufacturing floor, and we hit the cover in the weak spot, dead center on the cover. Don’t be fooled by other manufacturers that lightly drop a small hammer on the top of the cover on top of the truck bed rail. All that does it test the bed rail durability. Keep them honest and tell them you went to see it hit in the dead center of the cover. Well for now, look at how we perform, it’s amazing!

If you are Looking for the Best Hard Tonneau Cover for Your Ford, Chevy, GMC, Ram or Toyota Truck Than we Challenge you to Find a Better Cover Than the Stowe 2 in 1 Hard Tonneau Cover!

 Call or email us today for more information about availability and delivery or use our dealer locator to find a retailer near you for help in purchasing and installation. Remember Stowe Cargo has you covered!

A first in Tonneau Covers: Our Built-In Toolbox

Get all the benefits of better organization—without the issues of having to fit your truck bed cover to a separate toolbox. Gone are the connecting rails, nuts and bolts, foam strips, leaks, rattles, dirt, and frustrating customer service calls. Instead, you get a built-in toolbox/cargo compartment with 400-lb-capacity that stays dry, is tall enough to stand five-gallon pails and long enough for a set of golf clubs. (Plus, with its drain holes and insulation, it makes a great tailgate cooler!)

The Stowe 2-in-1 Offers What the Others Don't

absolutely love this setup

– Tyler F., Texas

The Stowe 2-in-1 is the only tonneau cover tool-box combo out there that combines truck-tough weathertight security, an all-purpose toolbox to sort and protect your tools and gear, and the careful details that make this such a must-have addition. With our versatile 2-in-1 system, you don’t just cover your gear. You Stowe it!

Don’t just Cover it. Stowe it!

We fit all of the major truck brands

Stowe checked all my boxes with this system
– D. Willis, Michigan


Want real protection from the weather? This is the only tonneau cover that features fail-safe automotive OEM-grade seals to keep your truck bed, tools, and gear dry and secure all year round.


With automotive-grade locks and high-strength composite cover panels supported by an aluminum frame, your gear, tools and truck bed have the highest possible level of security.


Built with rugged composite materials, the Stowe is one tough beast. It’s nearly indestructible, yet lightweight and easy to handle.

Easy Access

Both the tonneau cover and toolbox compartments open wide to give you convenient and easy access to everything in your truck bed.

Nothing Like it Out There”

– Michael B., North Carolina

The only tonneau cover engineered to last the life of your truck bed and beyond
See It In Action
“This tonneau cover with tool box is absolutely must-have”

– Milton S., New Mexico

The only truck bed cover on the market with a built-in toolbox that is weathertight with easy access to your tools
See It In Action
“I absolutely love it and so does the Chevrolet dealership”

– Norman S., Virginia

The only toolbox and tonneau cover combo that is engineered to look like it came off the OEM factory floor
See It In Action
“High quality and WELL WORTH THE MONEY!!!”

– M. Turner, Michigan

The Stowe 2-in-1 is the best overall value in the premium truck bed cover marketplace, and it includes a built-in toolbox!
See It In Action

You Deserve More


The Tonneau Cover System that gives you more

Engineered for ultimate protection, organization, and convenience, the Stowe 2-in-1 is the only tonneau cover system that seamlessly integrates both a secure, tough, great-looking bed cover and a safe, versatile, multipurpose toolbox.

Dealers Love the Stowe 2-in-1

We sell a ton of tonneau covers, so trust me when I say that this 2-in-1 system from Stowe is a good buy. Loved it the minute I saw it!

– CPW Truck Stuff, Illinois

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The most indestructible tonneau cover on the Planet

Don’t let our good looks deceive you

The Stowe Cargo System is the perfect cover for your truck bed – no matter how you use it. The world’s first 2-in-1 toolbox & tonneau cover system is built specifically for your truck bed and features durable hard cover panels, with a sealed, lockable toolbox – perfect for securely storing tools and gear of all sorts – and a fully lockable and weathertight one-piece truck bed cover.

The system installs easily and its unique hinge cover design enables easy access your truck bed from all three sides without rolling or folding the bed cover. The large and spacious rail-to-rail toolbox rises off the truck bed, giving you easy access to the full length of your truck bed to store larger items.

What You won't find in any other truck bed covers

There’s Nothing else like it

Stowe Easy Access Tool Box and Tonneau Cover Open Features 1

Custom-Designed Double
Bulb Weather Seals

Unlike cheap foam and blade competition, high-performance seal designs for both covers keep water out and contents dry.
Stowe Secured Easy Access Toolbox Tonneau Cover Features 2

Automotive Grade Easy
Access Security Locks

Push-button locks provide security with easy access at both entry points, and are free from snow & ice problems.

Stowe Hinged Tonneau-Cover Hinge Close Up Features 3

Heavy-Duty Commercial
Grade Hinges

Industry-leading high-strength six-bar hinge system with integral mounted gas struts provide easy, full access to both the toolbox and truck bed.

Stowe Removable Hinged Tonneau Cover Lid Features 4

Removable Rear Cover
for Taller Loads

The security and convenience of a hard one-piece cover, yet removes easily in minutes when needed. No flipping, folding, or rolling the bed cover.

Stowe Durable Hard Tonneau Cover Tool Box Features 5

Nearly Indestructible
7-Layer Panel Design

Highly-engineered, heavy-duty extruded and cast-aluminum frame supports the high-tech composite sandwich cover panels that offer maximum security while being light weight.

Ford F-150 Tonneau Cover with Toolbox Closed Features 6

Automotive Grade
Aluminum Frame

Textured powder coated rail finish and polyurea-top coated cover panels ensure durability and a uniquely integrated appearance.

"I know in a few years truck guys will look back and agree that this company has changed the game of truck storage”

Derrick W., Michigan

Can not ask for a better quality made product!
– David F., Staten Island

Work, LivE, Play

Your Truck, Your LIfestyle

Around Town

From the nursery to the hardware store to the yard sale and antique shop, the Stowe 2-in-1 has you covered. With maximum usable space for long items and plenty of storage in the box area, this flexible system gives you superior dry, secure, compartmentalized storage for everyday use!

In The Wild

For hunting, fishing, camping and more, nothing makes that trip more satisfying than having everything right where you need it! Our secured multipurpose toolbox has available dividers to put everything where it’s easy to get to. And our weathertight tonneau cover lifts at a touch for quick and easy three-sided access to everything in your truck bed!

On the job

The Stowe 2-in-1 is the most secure, driest, most organized and usable tonneau cover and toolbox you can find. Built rugged and tough to repel the harshest weather and environments and to take the biggest worksite beatings. You can count on Stowe to have to you covered for the life of your truck bed and beyond!

Ford, Ram, Chevy, GMC, and Toyota Tonneau Covers – Tonneau Covers for Ford F150, Ram 1500, 2500, 3500, Toyota Tundra, Chevy and GMC 1500, 2500, 3500 truck beds

The most waterproof tonneau covers, most secure tonneau covers, and most durable hard tonneau covers available with integrated toolbox for Ford, Ram, Toyota, Chevy and GMC trucks – Search our nationwide tonneau cover dealers

When it comes to tonneau covers and truck bed covers, especially when you are looking for the best waterproof tonneau covers for your Ford, Ram, Toyota, Chevy, and GMC truck there are lots of factors to consider, not only do you need to make sure your truck, whether a Ford F150, Ram 1500, Ram 2500, Ram 3500 or Toyota Tundra, or a Chevy or GMC 1500, 2500, and 3500 Silverado or High Sierra, has a model made just for it, but is it going to be the most waterproof tonneau cover, or the most secure tonneau cover, or even the most durable tonneau cover you can buy, maybe you even need the best gooseneck tonneau cover or the best 5th wheel tonneau cover for your Ford, Ram, Toyota, Chevy or GMC and you need it fast and in stock, then you have come to the right place, Stowe Cargo, the home of the best Ford, Ram, Toyota, Chevy, and GMC tonneau covers.

The Award-Winning Stowe 2 in 1 Tonneau Cover for Ford, Ram, Toyota, Chevy and GMC Trucks

JUST NAMED ONE OF THE YEAR’S HOT CARGO MANAGEMENT PRODUCTS BY THE SHOP MAGAZINE. The Stowe 2 in 1 tonneau with the industry’s first integrated toolbox, is way ahead of legacy tonneau covers with regards to design and engineering


  • All weathertight, not just water resistant or waterproof, and we mean the truck box too!
  • Nearly indestructible with its innovative engineering, materials, coatings and manufacturing processes
  • Engineered for maximum security with industrial OEM grade push button locks and locking mechanisms, none of those plastic slam latches or skinny push rods that make other tonneau covers susceptible to break-ins.
  • Most importantly, an integrated toolbox that is also weathertight, nearly indestructible, and engineered to be more impenetrable than any other truck toolbox, all sealed under the automotive grade double bulb gasket that seals the entire package from the elements.

We Manufacture the Most Durable Tonneau Cover for the following Model Trucks


The World’s First and Only Tonneau Cover with Toolbox The Stowe 2 in 1


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