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Don’t Just Cover it. Stowe It.

The Stowe 2-in-1 Tonneau Cover is the


Hands down, the most durable Toyota Tundra tonneau cover for your truck, and here is why!


The most durable Toyota Tundra tonneau cover – Just exactly what constitutes the definition of the most durable Toyota Tundra tonneau cover and why doesn’t anyone talk about it on their websites? Why do they simply mention they have a durable Toyota Tundra tonneau cover, in fact come to think about, most tonneau cover manufacturers avoid talking about true durability period. Ever wonder why that is? Because when you build an aftermarket tonneau cover, by definition, it isn’t going to be durable, it’s taken an aftermarket approach. In fact, the word “aftermarket” seems to have adopted a negative connotation over the years as “cheap”, and “not durable”. Not the Stowe Cargo 2 in 1!

Stowe Cargo Took a Much different Approach When Engineering The Most Durable Toyota Tundra Tonneau Cover in the Market

At the foundation of any product the distinction has to be made between design and manufactured, and engineered and manufactured. Many, if not most tonneau cover manufacturers simply design a cover, and away they go. They simply build something that functionally fits and meets the accepted definition of “tonneau cover”. This leads to the same old thing, over and over, and over again. That means, leaks all over again, rattles all over again, and break in susceptibility, all over again. This saves them time and money, but gives you exactly what you had when you bought and installed your last tonneau cover, headaches and regrets.

The Most Durable Toyota Tundra Tonneau Cover – Had to be Engineered as if the Toyota Tundra Truck Engineering Team did it Themselves

In order to manufacture the most Durable Toyota Tundra Tonneau cover it had to be engineered, not designed. Further, it had to be engineered to exacting standards, and that meant industrial grade, OEM quality components. The most Durable Toyota Tundra Tonneau cover had to be engineered as if it were engineered by the Toyota Tundra engineering team itself! Stowe Cargo was started by automotive industry veterans with deep experience at the big three, and they brought those engineering standards to the Stowe 2 in 1 tonneau cover to make sure they designed the World’s most Durable Toyota Tundra Tonneau cover with those standards in place. Our engineers set out to solve all of the issues that have plagued the tonneau cover industry for decades, and they did just that.
  • Ability to deal with normal operating conditions – is it strong enough
  • Performance & appearance over time – is it capable of sustaining its functional performance and will it continue to look good
    • Structure
    • Moving parts
    • Sealing system
    • Appearance – color fade
There’s a difference between aftermarket and OEM engineering. Stowe has been engineered to meet rigorous OEM standards, just like your truck. Aftermarket products don’t typically take these standards into consideration when they are designed, they are looking to fit a price point or market niche, and as a result will not be capable of the same durability performance in the short or long run. It’s why you see so many complaints online about truck tonneau covers leaking profusely, rattling so loud you can’t hear your radio, and cover panel delamination, making your nice new truck look like it’s decades old and ready for the junk heap. No thanks!
Ford F150 Gooseneck Tonneau Covers
Toyota Tundra Hard Tonneau Cover



The Most Durable Toyota Tundra Tonneau Cover: Truck Mounting System

One of the challenges facing any product sold in the aftermarket is adapting a product to the truck box. This often drives compromise, particularly in the mounting system. Most tonneau covers are mounted with simple vertical clamps which are at the mercy of the variation in truck bedrail shape for their stability, and to get them to generate enough clamping load will crush the truck bed rail cover over time. That crushing eventually leads to a weak install point as the bedrail deforms even slightly, or wears from the constant motion and flexing of the bed rail steel.

Thoughtful Engineering

Stowe understood these limitations and engineered a horizontal clamping system which creates a closed structural box section working with the truck which adds stability and structure to the mounting system without affecting the truck or risking any integrity issues in the long run with regards to rail mount points.

The Most Durable Toyota Tundra Tonneau Cover: Cover Structure

Most tonneau covers just offer different ways to access the truck box. However, the different approaches significantly affect strength and durability over time.

Popular hard folding covers are constructed with light weight components which offer limited structural integrity. The panel pivots are simple piano hinges which have a modest lifecycle and will succumb to water leakage as they wear.

Flush mounted designs depend on a mounting system which clings to the truck box side rail flange limiting the load capacity of the system.

Retractable covers are complex as they are based upon a series of panels with integral mechanical joints and the assembly moves on small rollers. The articulation of the joints can be restricted by contaminants including snow and ice. As the saying goes, the higher the complexity the higher the probability of failure.

One-piece hard covers, depending on the material used, will succumb to either cracking or warpage over time. Attaching hardware to these materials is problematic as they don’t naturally possess pull load strength.

Thoughtful Engineering

Stowe carefully examined the performance requirements needed to engineer a durable cover system and then rigorously tested the final product.

The hard panels on the Stowe system are lightweight, yet strong, and durable. The panels are constructed of high-tech composites supported by extruded aluminum frames providing a strong and secure platform for the front and rear covers. Tough enough to handle a vicious sledge-hammer attack.

The Most Durable Toyota Tundra Tonneau Cover: Hinges and Pistons

There are three basic hinge designs in use with tonneau covers, piano, interlinked and multi-link.

Folding covers use piano hinges. This hinge construction consists of a simple pin around which two mounting plates pivot. They have a modest lifecycle and will succumb to water leakage as they wear.

Retractable covers are based upon a series of narrow panel elements which interconnect through multiple metal-on-metal joints. The articulation of the joints can be restricted by contaminants and the joints will wear with usage which tends to make them susceptible to water leakage.

One piece covers typically use multi-link hinge systems. They are usually packaged into the corner of the cover and as a result need to be supplemented by support mechanisms located somewhere down the truck rail span which then limits access to the truck box. Further, standard multi-point hinges typically use a 3 or 4 bar hinges, not enough for smooth safe operation. As is typical of aftermarket designs, the hinges are minimalist in their construction and tend to be flimsy and prematurely wear, needing replacement.

Thoughtful Engineering

Stowe: One of the key differentiators with the Stowe system is that it is designed to meet OEM factory standards and not aftermarket standards. An enhanced multi-link concept was determined to offer the best solution which would meet OEM engineering requirements.

  1. Lifetime performance durability
  2. Structural enough to withstand truck tough handling and operation
  3. Easy access to the open box area when open
  4. Open and close swing path that allowed both the tonneau and tool box cover to move independently of one another
  5. Provide a swing path which protected the durability of an automotive grade perimeter seal designed to seal out water and other elements.

The design of the seven hinge link pivots is based upon proven OEM factory best practices for durability. The links for the Tonneau cover are stamped from 1/4in thick high strength steel.

To provide easy access to the truck box the support struts mount directly to the hinges keeping them out of the way when you need to reach your gear from the side of the truck box. Unlike other tonneau covers the rails on your truck box are clear and free from obstruction

The hinge’s swing path is controlled through the geometry of the multi-link configuration, which consists of a six-link (bar) system designed for precision of motion.

The Most Durable Toyota Tundra Tonneau Cover: Tonneau Cover Locks and Latches

As you look across the many types of hard covers you will discover that they rely on simple aftermarket concepts to lock and release the cover.

The most popular, is the plastic plunger slam latch, all folding, and most retractable covers use this inexpensive aftermarket design solution.

This design works much like your bathroom cabinet door latch with a plunger that drops into a receiver to latch the door. A pry bar is its worst enemy when it comes to break in efforts.

Another aftermarket approach is the handle and lever concept which will suffer a similar fate. Plastic, enough said.

One piece, and some folding covers, use a simplistic aftermarket push-pull rod system which depends on a small diameter rod which is extended out and under the truck bedrail to hold the cover closed and secure. The pry bar has to simply bend the rod enough to clear and release the cover. Not so secure.

Thoughtful Engineering

Stowe: To actuate the lock and latch system Stowe incorporated automotive grade, tough, push button entry locks which provide quick and easy access to your stowed gear and are protected from snow and ice intrusion with their recessed design. The locks are connected to automotive-grade steel rotary latches, which provide added strength and security to the lock system. No pull rods or plastic components. The latches are based on similar technology to that which is used in the doors of your truck right from the factory; steel and rugged!


The Most Durable Toyota Tundra Tonneau Cover: Cover Corrosion and Appearance

Fastener and cover corrosion is an on-going issue with most covers. You see this all of the time, faded tonneau covers, cracking, peeling, delamination, etc. These weak points in most covers eventually lead to leaking, squeaking, rattling, poor appearance, and worse, easy access to theft. This is driven by the use of inferior corrosion and lack of any UV coatings on the panel and exposed surfaces offering limited protection and leading to material deterioration over time.

Thoughtful Engineering

Stowe To meet automotive grade corrosion performance, Stowe uses advanced, premium grade coatings to maintain the appearance and integrity of all hardware in both the tool box and tonneau cover areas, including the cover panels themselves.

When it comes to UV protection Stowe uses advanced UV coatings on all exposed components including the cover panels, no exceptions. Keeping your cover looking like new is imperative when ensuring the tonneau cover looks and performs as if it came off the factory showroom floor with your truck.

The Most Durable Toyota Tundra Tonneau Cover: Gasket Sealing Material and Coatings

Most tonneau covers simply use generic off the shelf gaskets, usually a low-grade inexpensive foam to keep costs down, remnants from the old truck bed cap days, peel and stick. A few of the higher end tonneau cover manufacturers will use a better grade urethane gasket, but that’s as far as it goes. These gaskets provide minimal water intrusion protection, especially over time, they eventually wear down and the compression performance degrades creating weak spots for water penetration.

Thoughtful Engineering

Stowe: In order to solve one of the most challenging problems facing tonneau cover manufacturers and customers for decades, leaking and other element penetration, we had to completely re-envision the tonneau cover sealing system, from the ground up. The automotive industry solved this decades and decades ago, they used bulb seals around all of their door and hatch openings. We did the same. Not only that, we engineered a custom double bulb gasket seal out of advanced urethane and other materials so that we could seal the seal for additional leak protection. Using an advanced double bulb gasket material, although extremely expensive, ensures the long-term compression integrity so that it wouldn’t degrade over time. Additionally, we treated the seals with industry leading anti-stick coatings, another major differentiator in our product over all of the others, and this coating ensures the cover won’t stick to the gasket creating that sticking noise you hear when you lift standard covers, that noise reflects friction and that friction also leads to premature degradation in the sealing system of most tonneau covers. Just another factor leading to the Stowe 2 in 1 being the only true weathertight tonneau cover in the market.

The Most Durable Toyota Tundra Tonneau Cover

How Does Stowe Prove That its Engineering is Durable and that it Indeed has Engineered the Most Durable Toyota Tundra Tonneau Cover?

The Most Durable Toyota Tundra Tonneau Cover - Engineering based on OEM best practices – proven engineering specifications - material and coating selection, design configuration and performance standards

  • Hinge joints and gas struts
  • Latch and locking system
  • Material selection – panels, toolbox and hinges
  • Panel perimeter sealing
  • Adhesives and sealers
  • Anti-Fade coatings 10yr
  • High performance corrosion and anti-stick coatings

The Most Durable Toyota Tundra Tonneau Cover - Rigorous Tonneau Cover System Validation

  • 20,000 cycle validation tests of the cover panels, hinges and latch systems
  • Thermal testing exceeding 200 f
  • Impact testing – panels and toolbox
  • Extensive over the road vehicle level testing
  • Five-star customer feedback
  • 100k mi customer feedback – very satisfied (Andy G., MD)

The Most Durable Toyota Tundra Tonneau Cover

Have You Heard Enough? Call one of our Stowe Tonneau Cover Dealers Near Your Today, or Order Online!

A first in Tonneau Covers: Our Built-In Toolbox

Get all the benefits of better organization—without the issues of having to fit your truck bed cover to a separate toolbox. Gone are the connecting rails, nuts and bolts, foam strips, leaks, rattles, dirt, and frustrating customer service calls. Instead, you get a built-in toolbox/cargo compartment with 400-lb-capacity that stays dry, is tall enough to stand five-gallon pails and long enough for a set of golf clubs. (Plus, with its drain holes and insulation, it makes a great tailgate cooler!)

The Stowe 2-in-1 Offers What the Others Don't

absolutely love this setup

– Tyler F., Texas

The Stowe 2-in-1 is the only tonneau cover tool-box combo out there that combines truck-tough weathertight security, an all-purpose toolbox to sort and protect your tools and gear, and the careful details that make this such a must-have addition. With our versatile 2-in-1 system, you don’t just cover your gear. You Stowe it!

Don’t just Cover it. Stowe it!

We fit all of the major truck brands

Stowe checked all my boxes with this system
– D. Willis, Michigan


Want real protection from the weather? This is the only tonneau cover that features fail-safe automotive OEM-grade seals to keep your truck bed, tools, and gear dry and secure all year round.


With automotive-grade locks and high-strength composite cover panels supported by an aluminum frame, your gear, tools and truck bed have the highest possible level of security.


Built with rugged composite materials, the Stowe is one tough beast. It’s nearly indestructible, yet lightweight and easy to handle.

Easy Access

Both the tonneau cover and toolbox compartments open wide to give you convenient and easy access to everything in your truck bed.

Nothing Like it Out There”

– Michael B., North Carolina

The only tonneau cover engineered to last the life of your truck bed and beyond
See It In Action
“This tonneau cover with tool box is absolutely must-have”

– Milton S., New Mexico

The only truck bed cover on the market with a built-in toolbox that is weathertight with easy access to your tools
See It In Action
“I absolutely love it and so does the Chevrolet dealership”

– Norman S., Virginia

The only toolbox and tonneau cover combo that is engineered to look like it came off the OEM factory floor
See It In Action
“High quality and WELL WORTH THE MONEY!!!”

– M. Turner, Michigan

The Stowe 2-in-1 is the best overall value in the premium truck bed cover marketplace, and it includes a built-in toolbox!
See It In Action

You Deserve More


The Tonneau Cover System that gives you more

Engineered for ultimate protection, organization, and convenience, the Stowe 2-in-1 is the only tonneau cover system that seamlessly integrates both a secure, tough, great-looking bed cover and a safe, versatile, multipurpose toolbox.

Dealers Love the Stowe 2-in-1

We sell a ton of tonneau covers, so trust me when I say that this 2-in-1 system from Stowe is a good buy. Loved it the minute I saw it!

– CPW Truck Stuff, Illinois

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The most indestructible tonneau cover on the Planet

Don’t let our good looks deceive you

The Stowe Cargo System is the perfect cover for your truck bed – no matter how you use it. The world’s first 2-in-1 toolbox & tonneau cover system is built specifically for your truck bed and features durable hard cover panels, with a sealed, lockable toolbox – perfect for securely storing tools and gear of all sorts – and a fully lockable and weathertight one-piece truck bed cover.

The system installs easily and its unique hinge cover design enables easy access your truck bed from all three sides without rolling or folding the bed cover. The large and spacious rail-to-rail toolbox rises off the truck bed, giving you easy access to the full length of your truck bed to store larger items.

What You won't find in any other truck bed covers

There’s Nothing else like it

Stowe Easy Access Tool Box and Tonneau Cover Open Features 1

Custom-Designed Double
Bulb Weather Seals

Unlike cheap foam and blade competition, high-performance seal designs for both covers keep water out and contents dry.
Stowe Secured Easy Access Toolbox Tonneau Cover Features 2

Automotive Grade Easy
Access Security Locks

Push-button locks provide security with easy access at both entry points, and are free from snow & ice problems.

Stowe Hinged Tonneau-Cover Hinge Close Up Features 3

Heavy-Duty Commercial
Grade Hinges

Industry-leading high-strength six-bar hinge system with integral mounted gas struts provide easy, full access to both the toolbox and truck bed.

Stowe Removable Hinged Tonneau Cover Lid Features 4

Removable Rear Cover
for Taller Loads

The security and convenience of a hard one-piece cover, yet removes easily in minutes when needed. No flipping, folding, or rolling the bed cover.

Stowe Durable Hard Tonneau Cover Tool Box Features 5

Nearly Indestructible
7-Layer Panel Design

Highly-engineered, heavy-duty extruded and cast-aluminum frame supports the high-tech composite sandwich cover panels that offer maximum security while being light weight.

Ford F-150 Tonneau Cover with Toolbox Closed Features 6

Automotive Grade
Aluminum Frame

Textured powder coated rail finish and polyurea-top coated cover panels ensure durability and a uniquely integrated appearance.

"I know in a few years truck guys will look back and agree that this company has changed the game of truck storage”

Derrick W., Michigan

Can not ask for a better quality made product!
– David F., Staten Island

Work, LivE, Play

Your Truck, Your LIfestyle

Around Town

From the nursery to the hardware store to the yard sale and antique shop, the Stowe 2-in-1 has you covered. With maximum usable space for long items and plenty of storage in the box area, this flexible system gives you superior dry, secure, compartmentalized storage for everyday use!

In The Wild

For hunting, fishing, camping and more, nothing makes that trip more satisfying than having everything right where you need it! Our secured multipurpose toolbox has available dividers to put everything where it’s easy to get to. And our weathertight tonneau cover lifts at a touch for quick and easy three-sided access to everything in your truck bed!

On the job

The Stowe 2-in-1 is the most secure, driest, most organized and usable tonneau cover and toolbox you can find. Built rugged and tough to repel the harshest weather and environments and to take the biggest worksite beatings. You can count on Stowe to have to you covered for the life of your truck bed and beyond!

Ford, Ram, Chevy, GMC, and Toyota Tonneau Covers – Tonneau Covers for Ford F150, Ram 1500, 2500, 3500, Toyota Tundra, Chevy and GMC 1500, 2500, 3500 truck beds

The most waterproof tonneau covers, most secure tonneau covers, and most durable hard tonneau covers available with integrated toolbox for Ford, Ram, Toyota, Chevy and GMC trucks – Search our nationwide tonneau cover dealers

When it comes to tonneau covers and truck bed covers, especially when you are looking for the best waterproof tonneau covers for your Ford, Ram, Toyota, Chevy, and GMC truck there are lots of factors to consider, not only do you need to make sure your truck, whether a Ford F150, Ram 1500, Ram 2500, Ram 3500 or Toyota Tundra, or a Chevy or GMC 1500, 2500, and 3500 Silverado or High Sierra, has a model made just for it, but is it going to be the most waterproof tonneau cover, or the most secure tonneau cover, or even the most durable tonneau cover you can buy, maybe you even need the best gooseneck tonneau cover or the best 5th wheel tonneau cover for your Ford, Ram, Toyota, Chevy or GMC and you need it fast and in stock, then you have come to the right place, Stowe Cargo, the home of the best Ford, Ram, Toyota, Chevy, and GMC tonneau covers.

The Award-Winning Stowe 2 in 1 Tonneau Cover for Ford, Ram, Toyota, Chevy and GMC Trucks

JUST NAMED ONE OF THE YEAR’S HOT CARGO MANAGEMENT PRODUCTS BY THE SHOP MAGAZINE. The Stowe 2 in 1 tonneau with the industry’s first integrated toolbox, is way ahead of legacy tonneau covers with regards to design and engineering


  • All weathertight, not just water resistant or waterproof, and we mean the truck box too!
  • Nearly indestructible with its innovative engineering, materials, coatings and manufacturing processes
  • Engineered for maximum security with industrial OEM grade push button locks and locking mechanisms, none of those plastic slam latches or skinny push rods that make other tonneau covers susceptible to break-ins.
  • Most importantly, an integrated toolbox that is also weathertight, nearly indestructible, and engineered to be more impenetrable than any other truck toolbox, all sealed under the automotive grade double bulb gasket that seals the entire package from the elements.

We Manufacture the Most Durable Tonneau Cover for the following Model Trucks


The World’s First and Only Tonneau Cover with Toolbox The Stowe 2 in 1


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