Why the Stowe Truck Toolbox is Best at Keeping Your Cargo Clean and Dry

Being a clean, dry space is a major advantage of the Stowe Toolbox. We realize it’s important to protect your cargo from dirt and dust as well as moisture like rain, snow, and condensation. You’ll find the Stowe truck Toolbox is a space where you’ll feel comfortable stowing everything from tools to sensitive items like your lap top computer. Our ability to create this clean, dry space is one of the things that distinguishes us from metal truck toolbox manufacturers.

Our first line of defense against moisture intrusion are automotive grade perimeter seals, which prevent dirt, dust and moisture from entering through the Toolbox cover. Keeping your cargo clean and dry.

When it comes to thwarting condensation build up inside the Toolbox, we found use of high-strength composite materials has benefits. Compared to metal, composite avoids wetting out of the Toolbox walls. So, dew point moisture transition onto cargo is not an issue. Once again, keeping your cargo clean and dry.

At Stowe we bring innovative new features that people want in a modern Toolbox. For more information on Stowe system features go to https://stowecargo.com/solutions/