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A First in Tonneau Covers

The Stowe 2-in-1 Tonneau and Toolbox System

The Stowe 2-in-1 system was designed to meet the real-world needs of pickup truck owners who are looking for more than just a lid for their truck box. We listened closely to the comments and concerns of experienced tonneau cover owners, then reinvented what a state-of-the-art tonneau cover system could be.

The result is a breakthrough combination of better organization, easier access, stronger protection from the environment and theft, and a premium appearance that’s actually worthy of your truck.

Toolbox Features

Toyota Tundra Hard Tonneau Covers

Realizing that there’s a big difference between general cargo that can be stored in the open box area and gear that needs to be protected and handled more carefully. Stowe added a built-in multifunction toolbox. This versatile compartment allows you to separate and secure your more sensitive gear, and better organize your truck bed.

Even though most tonneau covers say they’re resistant to water and other elements, our research found that the air under tonneau covers is generally filled with moisture, road salt, and dust. These contaminants can soil and even corrode whatever you’re carrying. With the Stowe 2-in-1 system, you have not only a nearly indestructible tonneau cover, but also a genuinely weathertight toolbox—a clean space for your most important gear.

Holds a lot of gear.

To support your lifestyle wherever it takes you, Stowe’s toolbox compartment needed to be more spacious than a typical toolbox. It is tall enough to stand up a 5 gallon pail and long enough to carry a set of golf clubs.

Can even haul sheets of plywood.

The toolbox sits approximately five inches off the truck box floor and inside the wheelhouse profile, which allows you to use the full length and width of the truck box to haul longer and wider items.

400 lb. load capacity.

This durable toolbox has been designed to carry 400 lb. of gear. Its composite construction, combined with jackscrew support feet, work together to ensure its capacity. It’s so tough, it can handle a run-in with a commercial fork lift.

Really weathertight.

Water, dust, and road salt just won’t get in—period. The toolbox is a sealed and secure storage environment. Its top cover is equipped with a custom double-bulb perimeter seal that provides extraordinary protection. The double-bulb seal is a two-stage design where a secondary seal backs up the primary stage. And that’s not all. On a cool evening after a hot, humid day, your typical aluminum toolbox will suffer from interior wall condensation as the hot air cools. With Stowe’s composite construction, this just doesn’t happen.

Easy side-loading and unloading.

Our toolbox is designed to sit flush with the top of the truck’s bed rails. This gives it a significantly lower side liftover height, minimizing the reach needed to move your gear vs. a typical aluminum box. Available dividers help you further organize the interior space and improve accessibility.

Won’t obstruct rear vision.

Thanks to its low profile design, our toolbox won’t obstruct your rearview mirror or rear window.

Makes a great cooler.

With its insulating composite wall construction and included drain holes, this toolbox has been a big hit at a lot of tailgate parties!

Fifth-wheel friendly.

You can keep the toolbox comfortably in place while towing with most fifth-wheel trailer systems.

Tonneau Cover Features

Toyota Tundra Hard Tonneau Cover
Weathertight. Strong. Secure. Easy access. Removable. These are the key design elements of the rear tonneau cover.

Lightweight yet strong cover construction.

High-tech composites supported by extruded aluminum frames provide a strong and secure platform for the front and rear covers. The upper surfaces of the panels are coated with durable, truck-tough polyurea, then treated with an anti-fade compound to maintain their like-new appearance throughout the years. 

Push-button entry locks for quick access to your gear.

The push-button locks are protected from snow and ice intrusion, and provide quick and easy access to your stowed gear. With a simple button-push, the tonneau cover will pop open and rise into the full open position. Just grab your gear and move on with your day. No flipping, folding, or rolling! These locks are connected to automotive-grade rotary latches, which provide added strength and security to the lock system. No pull rods or plastic components.

Robust corrosion protection.

All of the hardware in both the toolbox and the tonneau cover is coated with premium-grade coatings to maintain its integrity and appearance.

Easy access to your gear.

An extra-wide cover opening angle without any hinge or strut obstructions allows complete access from all three sides of the truck box. An innovative, industry-leading, six-bar hinge and integral gas strut assembly makes this possible.


The tonneau cover is equipped with the same perimeter seal design as the toolbox cover, providing a true weathertight seal around the rear truck box area.

Easily removable to carry taller items.

Our tonneau cover was designed with removability in mind. Where many mounting systems incorporate less robust components, our factory-grade attachment design provides a higher level of security and performance. Yet it is still easily removable within 15 minutes.

Great appearance.

The styling of the Stowe system works with the contours of your truck’s sheet metal, and the textured powdercoat finish on the rails matches the box top covers, forming a package that looks like part of the vehicle. A custom-grained polyurea panel topcoat completes this premium package.

absolutely love this setup

– Tyler F., Texas

The Stowe 2-in-1 is the only tonneau cover out there that combines truck-tough weathertight security, an all-purpose toolbox to sort and protect your gear, and the careful details that make this such a must-have addition. With our versatile 2-in-1 system, you don’t just cover your gear. You Stowe it!

Stowe checked all my boxes with this system
– D. Willis, Michigan


Want real protection? This is the only tonneau cover anywhere that features fail-safe automotive OEM-grade seals to keep your gear dry and secure all year round.


With automotive-grade locks and high-strength composite panels supported by an aluminum frame, your gear has the highest possible level of security.


Built with rugged composite materials, the Stowe is one tough beast. It’s nearly indestructible, yet lightweight and easy to handle.

Easy Access

Both the tonneau and toolbox compartments open wide to give you convenient access to everything in your truck.

A first in Tonneau Covers: Our Built-In Toolbox

Get all the benefits of better organization—without the issues of having to fit your cover to a separate toolbox. Gone are the connecting rails, nuts and bolts, foam strips, leaks, rattles, dirt, and frustrating customer service calls. Instead, you get a built-in 400-lb-capacity compartment that stays dry, and is tall enough to stand five-gallon pails and long enough for a set of golf clubs. (Plus, with its drain holes and insulation, it makes a great tailgate cooler!)

The Stowe 2-in-1 Offers What the Others Don't

You Deserve More


The Cover System that gives you more

Engineered for ultimate protection, organization, and convenience, the Stowe 2-in-1 is the only tonneau cover system that seamlessly integrates both a secure, tough, great-looking bed cover and a safe, versatile, multipurpose toolbox.

Dealers Love the Stowe 2-in-1

We sell a ton of tonneau covers, so trust me when I say that this 2-in-1 system from Stowe is a good buy. Loved it the minute I saw it!

– CPW Truck Stuff, Illinois

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The most indestructible tonneau cover on the Planet

Don’t let our good looks deceive you

The Stowe Cargo System is the perfect cover for your truck – no matter how you use it. The world’s first 2-in-1 toolbox & tonneau cover system is built specifically for your truck and features a durable, hard-panel, sealed, lockable toolbox – perfect for securely storing gear of all sorts – and a fully lockable and weathertight full-bed cover.

The system installs easily and its unique hinge design enables easy access to the box from all three sides without rolling or folding the cover. The large and spacious toolbox rises off the bed, giving you access to the full length of your truck bed to store larger items.

What You won't find in any other covers

There’s Nothing else like it

Custom-Designed Double
Bulb Weather Seals

Unlike cheap foam and blade competition, high-performance seal designs for both covers keep water out and contents dry.

Automotive Grade Easy
Access Security Locks

Push-button locks provide easy and secure access at both entry points, and are free from snow & ice problems.

Heavy-Duty Commercial
Grade Hinges

Industry-leading high-strength six-bar hinge system with integral mounted gas struts provide easy, wide-open access to both compartments.

Removable Rear Cover
for Taller Loads

The security and convenience of a one-piece cover, yet removes easily in minutes when needed. No flipping, folding, or rolling.

Nearly Indestructible
7-Layer Panel Design

Highly-engineered, heavy-duty extruded and cast-aluminum frame supports a high-tech composite sandwich panel for maximum security plus light weight.

Automotive Grade
Aluminum Frame

Textured powdercoated rail finish and polyurea-topcoated panels ensure durability and a uniquely integrated appearance.

"I know in a few years truck guys will look back and agree that this company has changed the game of truck storage”

Derrick W., Michigan

OEM Factory Form, Fit, Function and Finish

When it came to creating a new category in tonneau truck bed covers with integrated storage we gave our engineering team lofty goals, make sure it has OEM form, fit, function and finish so it looks like it came off the factory floor with the truck itself

Can not ask for a better quality made product!
– David F., Staten Island

Work, LivE, Play

Your Truck, Your LIfestyle

Around Town

From the nursery to the hardware store to the yard sale and antique shop, the Stowe 2-in-1 has you covered. With maximum usable space for long items and plenty of storage in the box area, this flexible system gives you superior dry, secure, compartmentalized storage for everyday use!

In The Wild

For hunting, fishing, camping and more, nothing makes that trip more satisfying than having everything right where you need it! Our secured multipurpose toolbox has available dividers to put everything where it’s easy to get to. And our weathertight tonneau cover lifts at a touch for quick and easy three-sided access to everything in your truck box!

On the job

The Stowe 2-in-1 is the most secure, driest, most organized and usable tonneau cover and toolbox you can find. Built rugged and tough to repel the harshest environments and take the biggest worksite beatings, you can count on Stowe to have to you covered for the life of your truck and beyond!


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