A Toolbox That Doesn’t Leak Water

If you’re carrying valuable cargo in your toolbox, you probably want to keep it dry, as rust and other moisture caused damage will ruin your stuff in no time. We found that a toolbox that doesn’t leak water is a top priority with truck owners. So, we engineered the Stowe Toolbox to be weathertight. Keeping your cargo dry is our mission.

When designing a toolbox that doesn’t leak water our company CEO, Paul Chapman, an automotive industry engineering veteran, knew just what to do. The Stowe Toolbox employs an automotive grade perimeter seal to keep moisture from entering through the cover. This proven seal design is the same type used by auto manufacturers for doors and trunk lids.

As a matter of fact, Paul was so confident the cover and seal design would prevent water intrusion he tested it by going through a car wash. While observing from inside the Toolbox! Certainly a prime example of protecting valuable cargo!

Check out this water intrusion test video Paul made from inside the Toolbox.

Neither rain, nor snow, nor sleet, nor hail, nor car wash spray get past the Stowe Toolbox cover seal. Making for a toolbox that doesn’t leak water. Providing a clean and dry space to stow your valuable cargo is what Stowe is all about.  

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