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The 2020 Keystone BIG Show

The Keystone BIG Show is possibly the best trade show for specialty automotive equipment and accessories, outside of the SEMA show. The “BIG” Show is organised by Keystone Automotive Operations and have been running continuously for 13 years. The shows have grown from a single, small wholesale event to multiple, large-scale events spreading across the […]

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Tonneau Cover and Toolbox Security Done Right

Integration, Protection, Security and Organization are the basis of the Stowe 2-in-1 Toolbox and Tonneau Cover system. Previously we shared aspects of integration, protection and organization. But what about Stowe system security? Compared to a standard toolbox, the 2-in-1 system is less likely to garner unwanted attention. Unlike a standard toolbox, with its prominent, tall […]

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A Toolbox That Doesn’t Leak Water

If you’re carrying valuable cargo in your toolbox, you probably want to keep it dry, as rust and other moisture caused damage will ruin your stuff in no time. We found that a toolbox that doesn’t leak water is a top priority with truck owners. So, we engineered the Stowe Toolbox to be weathertight. Keeping […]

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