Guide: How to Determine the Length of Your Bed

It’s important to understand the length of your pickup’s bed length before committing to any box accessories. Not every truck’s measurements are the same, so follow the instructions below to get a better understanding of how to accurately measure the bed of your truck.

First step: Grab a measuring tape that extends beyond 10 feet and something to jot down notes.

stowe cargo systems truck bed measurement image

As the saying goes, measure twice, cut once. The same goes for measuring your truck bed and ordering a tonneau cover once. While measuring, record the length in feet & inches – Ex: 5ft. 7in.

Place the end of the measuring tape at the headboard (the metal bulkhead at the front of the box).
Extend the measuring tape to the inside face of the tailgate.
Measure the distance between the headboard and the tailgate in feet and inches.

Have your measurement?

Time to order the perfect cover for your truck!