Guide: Cleaning Your Stowe Cargo System

You care about your truck, and you’re Stowe Cargo System is an extension of it. From grease to dirt, this guide will help to keep your system looking like new. Follow these helpful tips and suggestions when cleaning your Stowe Cargo System.

Wash. Rinse. Repeat: Cleaning the Outer Panel Surfaces

Road debris can kick up, covering your truck and your Stowe Cargo System with unwanted grime. While washing your truck, it’s important to pay close attention to the cleaning solutions and materials used to ensure they’re safe for your system.

Start with these simple steps:

  1. Dust off any loose dirt using a soft, damp cloth or chamois
  2. Use a mild detergent or household cleaners
  3. Use a bit of pressure to remove any caked on debris
  4. Rinse your system and truck as you usual

*Waxing the panel surfaces can be done, but is completely optional.

Out of the Box Cleaning Tips

Sometimes a little elbow grease might be necessary to remove ground in dirt or grease. For those instances, we found that a little Cascade or Janitor in a Drum were great solutions to take care of the job!

For Stains:

If your Stowe Cargo System has a stain that can’t be removed using any of the recommended cleaners above, try using a soft cloth saturated with 45% Isopropyl rubbing alcohol. Focus directly on the stain, rubbing the area until it is gone. Then, rinse. When using this stain removal method, avoid using commercial grade concentrates higher than 45% as they could potentially harm your system.

Surface Scratches:

While frustrating, scratches can sometimes be unavoidable. Light scratches on your Stowe Cargo System can be buffed out by waxing the panel surfaces with a paste wax. We recommend Simonize, Glo-Coat and Aero Wax.


If for some reason you find graffiti on the panel surfaces of your Stowe Cargo System, wipe the area down with a 1:1 ratio of mineral spirits and undiluted household cleaners such as Mr. Clean or Top Job.

Solutions to Avoid

While cleaning your Stowe Cargo System, avoid abrasive materials and harsh cleaning solutions. Take a look at the list of cleaning solutions and waxes to steer clear of:

Keep Your Stowe Cargo System in Tip Top Shape

By following the guide above, your Stowe Cargo System will always look fresh out of the box. For any questions about items covered in this guide, or items not listed above, feel free to contact us at 248.795.2240.