Stowe Cargo’s 2-in-1 Combo System: Standing Out from the Crowd

When looking for a way to utilize the bed of a truck for storage and cargo management, most truck owners have turned to various bed covers and oddly matched toolboxes, mainly because that was all that was available at the time. Sure, these two choices certainly kept items safe from the elements, and maybe provided a bit of organization, but truck owners and workers wanted more.

In 2008 automotive engineer Paul Chapman recognized this need and developed a truck bed tool storage system that better suited the problem of properly utilizing bed space in pickup trucks. Stowe Cargo’s 2-in-1 combo system was born, and truck owners haven’t looked back since! Built right here in the USA, Stowe Cargo’s 2-in-1 cargo management system is uniquely designed to fit each pickup truck mode, and works with most Ford, GMC, Chevy, and RAM vehicles.

Stowe Cargo’s 2-in-1 Combo System Fills the Void

Bed covers and toolboxes can sometimes be secure and are somewhat decent when it comes to protecting your tools and cargo from the elements, but their benefits stop there. Our combo system picks up where the others have left off. How does Stowe stack up against the competition?

  • Our 2-in-1 system is both a toolbox and bed cover
  • With a completely seamless appearance, “bulky” looks won’t be a problem
  • Unparalleled protection from weather and elements
  • Prevent tool theft with automotive-grade equipment and a secure space for precious cargo and tools
  • Easy to use: No flipping and folding to access your cargo
  • Tough and rugged OEM-grade materials made right here in the USA


Truck Owners and Truck Lovers Trust Stowe Cargo

From construction workers and repairmen to outdoor enthusiasts and hobbyists, Stowe Cargo’s combo system is easily becoming the #1 choice for truck owners and truck lovers alike. Your cargo is valuable. Your tools are your lifeline. You want to make sure they are not only protected from weather and theft, but that they are easily accessible and properly organized. Stowe Cargo Solutions offers the world’s only totally integrated cargo management system that has been specifically designed to solve those problems and fill the voids left by other options.

Stowe Cargo’s 2-in-1 combo system is designed to fit most Ford, GMC, Chevy, and RAM pickup truck models. Contact us today for more information on a custom-fit cargo storage solution for your truck! You can also visit us online at