Stowe Cargo Systems: Making Your Life Easier

You’re a truck lover and nothing is going to change that. It isn’t just a truck; it’s a partner.

But part of being a truck owner is tolerating the little problems when using storage, right? The condensation inside the toolbox, the dirt buildup on soft top covers? Well, that doesn’t just have to be part of owning a truck anymore. It’s time to make life easier with Stowe Cargo Systems, the world’s first integrated cargo management system. American made, Michigan born for those truck lovers who want to live life.

What are the benefits of pickup truck storage systems? One, you won’t need to worry about all that rolling and flipping anymore. This dual system is a two-compartments-in-one dream come true. It even offers easy access; all you need to do is press one of the locks for the cover you want to open, and that’s it. The great thing is that you can get in from any side of your truck bed. It opens wide so it’s simple to get inside and get what you need.

But best of all? Your truck won’t have that bulky, rusty tool box anymore. You take care of your truck, you love it, and you want people to see that passion. Rust simply doesn’t match that image.

With a Stowe unit, your partner looks the way it was meant to: sleek, modern, and sophisticated. It also keeps your stuff free from damage with a patented sealing system. Your things will not get ruined anymore.

If you want to see how easy it is to install, see our video or download our cargo management system installation document. If you need a superior tool storage system for your Ford, Chevrolet, RAM, or GMC pickup truck, our 2-in-1 cargo system may be your dream come true.

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