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Stowe Provides Great Opportunity for the Work Truck Market

For those selling truck accessories in the commercial Work Truck market, Stowe products provide great opportunity to increase business. From budding partnerships at dealerships and large-scale fleet bids to upfitting local municipalities, potential for increased sales revenue from the Work Truck market is around every corner. Fleet business is so strong, in fact, that even national retailers like Pep Boys have launched special programs to serve these professionals on the go.

Recently, Stowe participated in a work truck article published in The Shop magazine. Much of the following information can be referenced it. The Shop’s work truck feature article was published in two parts and can be seen in the June 2019 issue and the August 2019 issue.

Much to the advantage of those wishing to serve this market, the work truck industry sold 22,000 more Class 2–8 truck chassis in 2018 than in 2017. In 2019, sales will likely increase by another 18,000 units. If the forecast is accurate, total Class 2–8 chassis sales will reach a level of almost 463,000 units in 2019—quite close to the record 472,000 units sold in 2006.

In a survey held by the NTEA, the Association for the Work Truck Industry, fleet owners said they plan to replenish 10 percent or more of their fleets during 2019, with 7 percent planning 25-50 percent. Not to be confused with replenishing, 40 percent of survey respondents said they plan to expand the size of their fleets as well, reinforcing that the industry itself is healthy.

Nowadays, the modern pickup serves as a triple-threat. Equal parts Built Ford Tough, family hauler and weekend warrior, Pickups are better positioned than ever before to be everything to everyone. This is especially true of workers who require a multifunctional vehicle that can transition from the rock quarry to a wedding venue without batting an eye—or even drawing attention. The OEMs have modified the very DNA of these vehicles, forcing the hands of evolution, and molding the pickup truck into a machine that can serve all masters simultaneously. The expectation today is for these vehicles to be multi-functional for personal and professional use. One only needs to look at various chassis, engine and interior configurations that accommodate both personal use and a variety of workforces, or the rising number of fleet operators who are confident in electrifying their vehicle systems, to see that versatility rules the day when it comes to professional vehicles.

Stowe addresses these needs with the Stowe 2-in-1 system that combines a Toolbox and Tonneau as a single unit to make a versatile, weathertight, clean and secure storage space of the truck bed. Based on Integration, Protection, Security and Organization, the 2-in-1 Tool Box Tonneau Combination is engineered to meet the storage needs and lifestyle of both the contractor and the weekend warrior. The low-profile design integrates seamlessly with the styling of modern trucks, and the system’s functionality increases versatility and improves the truck ownership experience.

In addition to Work Truck owner having higher expectations from the factory they’re a lot pickier about the aftermarket products they’ll use. They demand professional-grade products built to withstand heavy-duty use in a variety of work environments, but with such rapid progression of stock vehicles, the aftermarket is continuously challenged to innovate and, ultimately, redefine what it means to work smarter.

New technology allows Stowe to better design and execute products that integrate with today’s vehicles to make the truck box more usable and better meet the lifestyle needs of our customers. Whether it’s cutting-edge software or lighter, stronger and more weather resistant materials, Stowe leverages new technology to provide better products and increase their value propositions. Long system life is ensured by use of state-of-the-art premium grade coatings that protect against sun fade and corrosion. Because of engineering advances, we’ve been able to design the 2-in-1 Tool Box and Tonneau combination so that installation is a simple, non-invasive process which increases customer confidence and makes it easier for the shop to install.

For those selling truck accessories, the Work Truck market holds excellent prospect for business prospect. Those companies who are diligent about discovering and providing the latest products to meet the evolving needs of truck owners will find the greatest success. The Stowe 2-in-1 Tool Box and Tonneau combination is the versatile and state-of-the-art solution to keep cargo clean, dry, secure and organized and is an excellent addition to the fleet upfitter’s product offerings.


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The Award-Winning Stowe 2 in 1 Tonneau Cover for Ford, Ram, Toyota, Chevy and GMC Trucks

JUST NAMED ONE OF THE YEAR’S HOT CARGO MANAGEMENT PRODUCTS BY THE SHOP MAGAZINE. The Stowe 2 in 1 tonneau with the industry’s first integrated toolbox, is way ahead of legacy tonneau covers with regards to design and engineering


  • All weathertight, not just water resistant or waterproof, and we mean the truck box too!
  • Nearly indestructible with its innovative engineering, materials, coatings and manufacturing processes
  • Engineered for maximum security with industrial OEM grade push button locks and locking mechanisms, none of those plastic slam latches or skinny push rods that make other tonneau covers susceptible to break-ins.
  • Most importantly, an integrated toolbox that is also weathertight, nearly indestructible, and engineered to be more impenetrable than any other truck toolbox, all sealed under the automotive grade double bulb gasket that seals the entire package from the elements.

We Manufacture the Most Durable Tonneau Cover for the following Model Trucks


The World’s First and Only Tonneau Cover with Toolbox The Stowe 2 in 1


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