Stowe Truck Bed Cover Makes Camping Most Enjoyable

Camping seems to be a love it or hate it experience. Some folks would rather be no-where else, while others shun spending their days and nights in the great outdoors. Citing a hotel as their preferred place to stay. Or perhaps a luxury RV with all the amenities of home. However, there are tips and tricks to making traditional camping more relaxing and enjoyable for camping afecianados as well as those who might need convincing camping can be pleasant.


Your tent is a very important element of camping. For those new to camping it’s a good idea to pitch your tent before going on the trip. This way you’ll be familiar with the tent and be able to set it up quickly and correctly when you reach your campsite. Also, when you’re looking for a location to set up, choose an area of soft, flat soil. Placing your tent on top of a tarp will be helpful if the ground becomes saturated with moisture.


Morning can be chilly and the afternoon warm, so dress in layers to stay comfortable when camping. It’s the best way to control your body temperature. A GPS, map or compass can prove to be handy when hiking in unfamiliar terrain. Knowing how to sharpen a knife, tie knots and build a fire are basic skills that will certainly come in handy.


Here are camping essentials that you should always bring with.

  • Tent, sleeping bags and don’t forget the tarp
  • Materials for building a fire, including waterproof matches or a butane lighter
  • Dishes, pot, pan, cooking utensils, a utility knife and rope
  • Water – make sure you bring a few gallons for cooking and cleaning
  • Easily prepared foods and snacks that have a high nutritional and energy level. Such as proteins, beans, ground beef, peanut butter, and chicken. And carbohydrates like pasta, trail mix and oatmeal.
  • Plenty of clothing (enough for two to three layers daily)
  • A cooler for food items
  • Soap


Camping often makes for a budget friendly experience. Once equipment such as the tent has been purchased, expenses are usually much lower than those of a traditional vacation. Typically, expenses can be limited to things like food, gas and campsite fees. With careful planning camping can be done on the cheap.


Keeping your camping supplies protected and secure is important. With an enclosed car or SUV, items can be safely carried in the trunk or hatch area. However, if you own a pickup truck, carrying items in the bed can leave them exposed to thieves and the elements. This is where the Stowe 2-in-1 Toolbox and truck bed cover system becomes important. Transforming the truck bed into an enclosed, dry and secure space.

This design combines the Toolbox and truck bed cover as a single unit to transform the truck bed into an enclosed, weathertight, clean and secure storage space. The covers of both the Toolbox and Tonneau are fitted with weathertight automotive grade cover perimeter seals to protect camping gear from moisture, dirt, and dust. For maximum security the system features a heavy-duty aluminum frame and composite hard panel construction, as well as automotive grade push button locks and latches.

The Toolbox provides a dedicated area to keep smaller items together and organized. Stowe Toolbox Dividers can be used to form individual compartments within the Toolbox to segregate cargo. Or the Toolbox can be filled with ice to convert it to a cooler! Its design features drain holes to allow water from melting ice to escape, and the composite material used in its construction acts as an insulator to help slow the melting of ice.

With the 2-in-1 Toolbox and truck bed cover system you can have confidence your gear is safe; Whether you’re transporting items to and from the campsite or securing them away while you leave your campsite unattended. Check out other Stowe system features.

With proper preparation camping can be great experience for one and all!