A Modern Tonneau and Toolbox for Modern Trucks

The Stowe 2-in-1 Toolbox and Tonneau system was engineered to meet user wants and needs that were not being met by other manufacturers. We took time to learn what users were looking for in a toolbox and tonneau cover and used this as the basis for the Stowe system design. Among these wants and needs was better integration with the styling and functionality of the truck. Aspect – Integration

The Stowe system is engineered to look like part of the truck’s original design. Great looking and rugged, the Toolbox and Tonneau seamlessly integrates with and compliments the truck’s styling. There’s no awkward “tacked on” appearance.

The tonneau cover is designed to integrate and conform with the truck bed rail. Rather than having a frame that extends onto the bed rail as a mating surface, the cover seats directly on the rail. An Automotive OEM grade weather seal makes positive contact to keep out dirt, dust and moisture. It looks like a part of the truck. Not something that was simply added on.

The 2-in-1 Toolbox and Tonneau cover mounting system integrates well with the truck and is designed to clamp onto the truck bed and requires no drilling. Attachment points are protected with rubber isolators. So, if the system needs to be removed, such as when turning in the vehicle after a lease term has ended, there is no damage to the vehicle.

Perhaps the most important integration is with the lifestyles of owners. The Toolbox provides a large weathertight “Clean Space” to meet the needs of not only the contractor but the weekend sportsman. The easy-open covers provide convenient access. So, owners can quickly stow and remove cargo. It’s the perfect setup for those on the go.

Integration is a major part of the Stowe philosophy and we strive to continually develop new products that integrate, protect, secure and organize.

Stay tuned to the Stowe blog where we will continue to discuss other features and benefits aspects and how they differentiate Stowe from standard tonneau cover and toolbox manufacturers. To view a previous post on the aspect of the systems Push-Button locks and Latches click here