Why are the Tonneau Cover and Tool Box Push Button Locks Tilted?

At Stowe we design products that make the truck bed more usable, so as to best meet the lifestyle needs of our customers. Based on Integration, Protection, Security and Organization, the Stowe 2-in-1 Tool Box and Tonneau cover system seamlessly integrates with the styling and functionality of modern trucks to improve the ownership experience. To deliver this, features of the Stowe system have been strategically designed to work together as a whole. Let’s consider one of the aspects: Push-button locks.

Aspect – Push-Button Locks and Latches

The Tool Box Cover and the Tonneau Cover are both serviced by stainless-steel push-button locks which have a smooth, positive and satisfying feel. This design was primarily chosen for convenience; quick and easy opening and closing. Just Stowe your stuff and go! The latches on the system, like the push-button locks, are produced with automotive grade materials for strength, durability as well as security in mind. Maximum security is a big part of the hard cover lock and latch system.

On various occasions we’re asked why the push-button mounting surface is raised and positioned at an angle. The reason is simple – it restricts moisture, dust, and debris from entering the lock mechanism. Other systems which have a vertically flush mounted locking system run a higher risk of standing water atop the lock getting inside and potentially freezing – not to mention, making it difficult to locate after heavy snowfall. Check out our video.

The Stowe Cargo 2 in 1 Tool Box and Tonneau system is designed for quick and easy opening and closing for people on the go.

Stay tuned to the Stowe blog where we will continue to discuss other features and benefits aspects and how they differentiate Stowe from standard tonneau cover and tool box manufacturers. To view a previous post on the aspect of Protection click here.

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