Stowe Pay

Finance Your Stowe System. Interest Free.

Stowe Pay

Protect Your Cargo Now and Pay Later. The Smart Way!

** No Interest or Fees ** No Applications ** No Credit Check **

Do you need to protect your cargo now, but want to pay later without an interest charge or fees? StowePay, Powered by Splitit provides a smart, easy and interest free payment option to get you the Stowe Cargo Management System you need now. Don't let payment worries stand in the way. StowePay is the smart way.

StowePay allows you to divide the cost of a Stowe Cargo Management System into 6 or 12 equal monthly payments that are interest free. Each payment is charged to your existing credit card as it becomes due. StowePay doesn't charge the total purchase amount upfront, which makes it far different than a traditional credit card purchase where the balance would accrue interest until paid off.

StowePay requests authorization from your credit card company, reserving the total purchase amount from your available line of credit. Then, each month, the installment amount is charged, and the deposit reserve is reduced. With StowePay, no application, registration, or credit check is required. All you need is the Visa or MasterCard that is already in your wallet. Please note debit cards, even those with a Visa or Mastercard affiliation, are not eligible.

To benefit from StowePay, simply choose the StowePay option when checking out, and an installment plan will be set up. The process takes only seconds!

StowePay is the smart way to get the cargo protection you need. Now.

Finance Your Stowe System.
Interest Free.

The Stowe 2-in-1 Tonneau and Tool Box is perfect for work trucks. By making a weathertight, clean and secure storage space of the truck bed, the system provides the integration, protection, security and organization professionals with work trucks need.

To reach the work truck market, we recently attended the NTEA Work Truck Show 2019. The NTEA is the Association for the Work Truck Industry and has over 2,050 members who manufacture, distribute, install, sell and repair commercial trucks, truck bodies, truck equipment, trailers and accessories. The NTEA puts on the show once a year and it has grown to become North America’s largest work truck event. The Work Truck Show provides excellent opportunity to see the newest work truck products and for industry professionals to meet.

At the show, we had opportunity to present our latest products to distributors and retailers. As well we demonstrated the 2-in-1 Tonneau and Tool Box system for those interested in equipping their own vehicles. The show provided a great venue to meet industry professionals, learn more about their needs, and offer a revolutionary cargo management solution that will benefit them and their customers.

We would like to thank everyone who stopped by at the NTEA Work Truck Show. It was great to meet you! We are very pleased with the excellent response Stowe products received and look forward to continuing to grow our presence in the work truck industry!