Financing Consumer Purchases: The Options Available to You

Are you interested in financing a purchase, such as our premium 2-in-1 cargo management system for your pickup truck bed? Don’t let concerns about how to finance the item stop you, as you have plenty of options available to you.

• Home Equity Loans: Home equity loans can be used to finance a variety of items, such as car loans or to consolidate debt. Talk with a loan officer at your local bank or mortgage company to learn more about your options.

• Loans: Many banks and private lenders will provide you with a loan to pay for items that you might not have the money for upfront. (There’s a bonus here, by the way. When you use several different types of credit lines, it can reflect positively on your overall credit score. Generally speaking, this is true as long as you don’t have too much debt on your credit cards in relation to your credit limit and you pay your bills on time.)

• Credit Cards: Finance professionals say you should not use more than 50 percent of your available credit on any credit card, and actually recommend closer to 30 percent as a maximum. However, having an open credit card or two and paying your credit card bills on time shows that you’re financially responsible.

• Internet Merchant Financing (such as Affirm and FuturePay): When you buy products online, you can pay them off through monthly installments. You don’t need to use a credit card at all.

Stowe Cargo now also offers SplitIt, a zero interest monthly payment plan that can be used for our high-caliber 2-in-1 tonneau cover and toolbox combo. Simply choose the SplitIt option when checking out, and an installment plan will be created wherein your credit card is charged the monthly cost for the product each month until it is paid off. And that’s it!

For more information about how SplitIt works or about Stowe Cargo’s product lines, contact us at (248) 795-2240 or through our Stowe Cargo website.