Fishing Gear and a Pickup Truck: A Perfect Match

Now that spring is in full swing, the thought of a good day fishing is on many folks’ minds. Of course, a good fisherman has good fishing gear. As it turns out, one of the best places to store your gear safely and securely is right on your pickup truck.

Let’s consider the type of fishing you like and the typical gear required, and then move on to some practical ways to keep it safe and handy.

Fishing Styles and Gear


Pond Fishing

This is the stuff that kids are made of: A cane or spin-casting pole with a can of worms or grasshoppers, seeking a pail full of bluegill and the occasional bass. Kids can bring their dads and moms. You’ll never know who has more fun!


Stream Fishing

Some folks are pure stream fishermen. Fly fishing the deep pools and riffles on cool-water trout streams is legendary and relaxing. Larger and warmer streams can be havens for bass, catfish, and several other types of fish. For many, the gear is simple: A few rods, bait, and light tackle is all they need. Others will keep several tackle boxes, bait containers, and a pair of waders.


Lake Fishing

Fishing the open water of your favorite lake is heaven for some. Lake fishermen often pursue bigger prizes such as lake trout, walleye, bass, salmon, and pike. Their gear can include a wide variety of rods, nets, and other tackle. Many also have a fish-finder, fish cleaning items, and other gadgets as well.


Saltwater Fishing

If you live near a coastal area, you may fancy saltwater fishing. Depending on where you fish, striped bass, flounder, speckled trout, snapper, or halibut may be your desired catch. Most saltwater fishermen carry a wide variety of tackle to support the variety of fishing methods and seasonal variations the sea can deliver.

Let Stowe Cargo Help


Whatever your style, keeping your fishing gear safe and in good condition is a must. If you are a pickup truck owner – and many fishermen are – you can consider storing your stuff right on the truck, not to mention using your truck to tow a boat. Many folks keep a rod or two in the extended cab area. The cargo bed, of course, is the perfect place for your gear and the fish you catch as well.

Stowe Cargo has a perfect solution for the fishing enthusiast with a pickup. We manufacture state-of-the-art, heavy-duty cargo storage management systems for pickup truck beds. All the fishing gear mentioned here can be easily stored with Stowe.

Make it easy on yourself: Safely and securely store your gearin a Stowe Cargo Systems product.