Clean Equipment: The Trademark of the Professional

Ask any master of his trade and he’ll be sure to advise you that proper care and storage of tools and equipment is at the top of the list when it comes to wise work habits. We rely on our tools of the trade for a steady and profitable income, and having to replace costly equipment due to exposure to the elements is a business expense we can all do without.

The pickup truck is the most common workhorse for most of us. Truck caps aren’t a practical option for a busy master tradesman who needs easy, all-around walk-up access to his tools and materials throughout the long workday. Time and energy spent crawling around in the cargo bed under a cap to fetch tools or materials is something we want to avoid to bring our jobs in on time and on budget, not to mention saving wear and tear on the old kneecaps.

That can mean our toolboxes, power tools, and metal or wood hand tools are all left exposed in the open truck bed – where dirt, leaves, snow, rain, and even ultraviolet light are all going to combine to do their worst damage and shorten the useful life cycle of expensive equipment.


Dirt, Corrosion, and Power and Hand Tools

Power tools are some of the most costly investments we make. Dirt, leaf debris, and condensation are killers for their electric motors. The result can be overheating, loss of power, and rust that can wear down motor brushes, and exposure to rain or snow can cause a shock hazard. Batteries and chargers for cordless tools are especially vulnerable to failure from condensation-induced rust and corrosion.

Mechanically, power tool parts such as drill chucks and saw blade retainers can degrade from corrosion to the point where they become unreliable. Time and effort spent carefully cleaning and maintaining power tools after each use can all go to waste if wind-driven dirt and debris can get to the tools when they’re stored in an open pickup truck bed. Hand tools that have rusted surfaces or splintered handles due to inevitable exposure to the elements – aspects that are unavoidable – can make a hard job even harder.


Smart Cargo Storage Management For Tool Protection

At Stowe Cargo Systems we have the solutions to turn your pickup workhorse into the mobile storage and protection solution you need to extend the working life of your valuable tools and equipment. We have custom-fit pickup truck storage systems for Ford, GMC, Chevy, and RAM models, so don’t hesitate to contact us.